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Black Ice is a Hack and Shoot – that is, it’s a hack and slash RPG about hacking that utilises first person shooter controls.   It’s like Borderlands/Diablo meets Tron, where your goal is to find and hack the biggest server of them all to release an imprisoned AI.  It features fully randomized loot, a levelling system, minions and more.

When you start the game, you are surrounded by a variety of relatively easy to hack coloured servers, but stray further afield and things can get much tougher.  Walk up to a Server and right click to start Hacking and a load of nasty minions will spill out of it and start attacking you.  Complete the hack to earn XP and collect some lovely loot to aid your future Hacking attempts.  It’s an addictive little game with a great art style, and well worth a try.

Play the Alpha:  http://www.alphabetagamer.com/?p=757

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