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Pixel Rift is a super cool (and rather silly) use of cutting edge virtual reality technology to re-create an authentic retro gaming experience, complete with retro consoles and environments.

You follow the life of a gaming addict Nicola as she battles through the ages to play her favourite game Pixel Rift.  You’ll play on a variety of consoles, handhelds and arcade machines, all with different graphical capabilities, from black and white blocks to colorful 90’s polygons. You’ll also play in a variety of authentic environments, from sitting in front of your TV at home, to sneakily playing a GameBoy knockoff during class.

If the rest of the environments are half as good as the school level (full of fun little touches, easter eggs and bizarre mini games) that’s available in the Alpha demo, then Pixel Rift is going to be fantastic.  It’s a wonderful concept, a fun tongue-in-cheek trip down memory lane.  

This isn’t a retro game simulator, it’s a retro gaming simulator - and an awesome one at that!

Vote for it on Greenlight & Download the Free Alpha Demo (Rift)

Retro-Pixel Castles is an RTS with elements taken from genres such as town management sims, roguelikes and tower defense games.

It’s not a game you can win, you just get better at prolonging the inevitable death of your civilization.  As you play, you’ll unlock more content, such as, additional buildings, more items and access to more units to control, you can use these unlocks on your next attempt to keep your villagers alive.

We first covered Retro-Pixel Castles last month, and had fun playing around with the map editor, but since then a new build has been released which allows you to actually play with your tiny civilisation and RPC has started a Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns.

Once you figure out how to build and gather resources (click on the small ‘+’ sign next to the hammer when building the town centre),  then the resource gathering and building is remarkably easy.  Instead of clicking on each and every villager and giving them a job, you simply ‘paint’ areas of the map you want to gather resources and select sites for your buildings, then your villagers will simply carry out the work as they see fit.  It’s a simple and intuitive way of managing your tiny followers that removes any unnecessary micro-management (even if you are managing micro people).

The Retro-Pixel Castles Tech Demo is still very early in development, with a handful of maps to play on and a map editor, but it certainly gives a good taster of things to come.  Your tiny pixelated people may inevitably be doomed, but you’ll have an enjoyable time prolonging their death.

Play the Free Tech Demo & Check out the Greenlight & Kickstarter campaigns

DarkfieldVR is a great looking first person space dog fighting game with a focus on co-op, virtual reality, and epic space battles.

You’ll start off in a station getting ready to hop on your fighter ship, and fly to fight in a thrilling war in a dog fighting experience against challenging opponents.  DarkfieldVR has a big focus on co-op play, and in the finished game you’ll be able to work together with a wingman to complete a variety of space based missions.

It’s still early in development, and the controls could do with a little work, but already the graphics, ship models, visual and sound effects are all excellent

DarkfieldVR looks set to be an impressive and fully immersive co-op space opera – Multiplayer X-Wing with Rift support.

Download the Prototype, Free (Win, Mac & Linux - Works on Rift & Standard Screens)

The Flock is a great looking online first-person asymmetrical horror game coming to Steam, in which players compete to own the ‘Light Artefact’ which turns you from the hunter into the prey.

The gameplay trailer shows of some very pretty and rather creepy looking surroundings.  You are one of ‘the Flock’, a race of large and agile monsters, who seek out the coveted ‘Light Artifact’. Once a player grabs the Artifact, they will then turn into the fragile, slow, and more humanlike ‘Carrier’.

The hunters are more agile, but they can be harmed by the light, capable of turning them to stone if they stand still in it, and killing them if they move.  Players accumulate points over time so survival is key.

Potential Alpha testers will need their Steam user name, e-mail address and a short description of why you want to join in the Alpha.  So what are you waiting for?  Join the flock!

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Inaris: The Cloud Temple is a first person poetic puzzle platformer with gorgeous graphics, an incredible amount of detail, and a wonderfully soothing soundtrack.

You venture through the game’s temple trying to solve it’s puzzles and mysteries playing as a lonely entity who can dramatically manipulate the environment.  You have the power to move certain objects, specifically columns, which you need to move to solve a temples varied puzzles, discover it’s secrets, and continue your quest to unravel the mysteries set before you.

It’s a wonderful game, full of inventive puzzle design and beautiful environments.  Another impressive creation from the students of the DigiPen Institute.

Download Inaris: The Cloud Temple, Free

SUPER III is a (very) fast-paced, pixel art puzzle platformer which uses teleportation and screen-wrap gameplay mechanics to great effect.

As you’d expect from the developer of Frog Sord, your character (III) is remarkably nimble, with an ability to run, jump and wall-jump with a pleasing amount of precision.  Where the game really comes into it’s own is the use of your characters teleportation ability, with you able to horizontally teleport instantly to the first wall/block in your line of sight.  When this is combined with the screen-wrapping of the levels it can make for some truly mind-bending level design, requiring quick reflexes and quick thinking as you solve puzzles on-the-fly (while trying not to die).

SUPER III is still very early in development (the current build even lacks sound), but We’d love to see more of this inventive, intelligent and challenging puzzle platformer.  For the full release, the dev plans to have an over-world and mission structure inspired by Super Mario 64, over 100 missions spanning 5 chapters, Boss fights and chaotic 4 player deathmatches.  SUPER challenging, SUPER smart, SUPER fun, SUPER III.

Check Out the Greenlight page & Download the Alpha, Free

Unearthing Colossal is a very cool 2D pixel Art QWOP-Like physics brawler with puzzles, unique weapons and large bosses, that puts you in charge of a bloodthirsty Colossus who wipes out whole human villages with no mercy.

As in most QWOP-Style games, the controls take some getting used to, but are also a large part of the enjoyment.  ‘WASD’ controls character movement, while the arrow keys control your arms.  You can pick up items and weapons in each individual hand and flail them around to great effect.  Once mastered, you can even throw items – in-fact you’ll need to to solve some puzzles.

There’s lots of fun to be had from being a colossus, wiping out humans and smashing their villages with some well timed blows.  As well as destruction, there are a few well implemented puzzles, and some impressive boss fights along the way, making for a game that will test your brain power as well as your finger dexterity.  

Don’t stand in the shadow of this colossus or it’ll pulverise you (after a few practice swings).

Play the Unearthing Colossal Alpha Demo, Free

Phantasmal is a particular favorite at Alpha Beta Gamer, its terrifying procedurally generated mansion still freaks us out every time we play it, so we’re always happy when a new build comes along.  As well as a host of improvements, the new build also comes with the announcements of a Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns, so if you love getting your ass kicked by this roguelike FPS nightmare, check them out now.

For those unaware, we first covered Phantasmal back in May, and loved the claustrophobic level design, pant-wettingly horrific monsters, varied weaponry, brutal difficulty and the well implemented procedurally generated level design.  All of which works together to make each playthough as terrifying as the last, with you never knowing what macabre horrors lurk behind the next corner.

There’s plenty of weaponry in Phantasmal, but you’ll have to be smart if you’re going to last for longer than 5 minutes.  Stay very quiet and use your weapons and flash-light only when necessary and you MIGHT survive this procedurally generated nightmare.  You’ll still need a steady nerve and a LOT of luck on your side though.  Make no bones about it, this is a very hard game!

Download the Latest Build of Phantasmal For Free & Check out the Kickstarter & Greenlight Campaigns

Tea Party Simulator is a QWOP-Style game in a similar vein as Surgeon Simulator, but instead of butchering patients with your incompetent surgical skills, you’re slicing cakes and serving tea to your teddy bear.

There’s been a glut of simulator games recently, but Tea Party Simulator certainly shows more promise and polish than most of the competition.  Firstly, although the controls are deliberately awkward, they work just as well as anything we’ve seen in Surgeon Simulator.  Also, and just as crucial, it’s got a great sense of humor, with lots of nice little touches and hidden easter eggs (such as pressing ‘A’ to make your little finger stick out when you hold a tea-cup).  If you choose to play as a male, the ridiculousness of the situation is even more apparent as your big hairy hand flails around the table.

It’s certainly easy to dismiss Tea Party Simulator as ‘just another silly simulator’, but even in these early stages of development it’s a blast, full of QWOP-style destruction and silliness.  Also, it’s ripe for expansion into more and more Surgeon Simulator-style ridiculous scenarios – we’d certainly love to throw a tea party in space!

Play the Prototype, Free

Counter Spell combines elements of classic role playing games with modern tactical and stealth-based shooters, all wrapped up in a wonderful retro aesthetic that makes it feel like a first person Zelda shooter at times.

We first covered Counter Spell last year and development has come along nicely since then.  In the game you customise your character by selecting unique spells, perks and abilities then make your way through single player quests, co-op or competetice multiplayer.  As you play you’ll collect lots of lovely loot, and your abilities allow for some uniquely tactical gameplay, with you able to lay traps, use powerful items or just hurl fireballs at your enemies.

There’s also a detailed level editor, allowing you to easily create and share levels with others, you can even take control of the levels monsters to really challenge your friends.

It’s a fun game, with a great blend of RPG and FPS action, which allows you to play, create and share, as well as maim, burn and kill.  Spelltacular.

Download the Alpha, Free