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Death’s Gambit is effectively a beautifully animated 2D mix of Shadow Of The Colossus and Dark Souls.  Just let that just sink in a minute….  

In the game you play an agent of death, on a medieval alien planet, full of beasts, knights and massive SoTC-Style bosses.  As is Dark Souls, there are no easy kills in this game, with each enemy you encounter being a unique hack-and-slash puzzle to solve.  You’ll need intelligence and quick reflexes to bring down your enemies in Death’s Gambit.

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Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode is a 3D Japanese adventure RPG set in a world where humans and youkai (supernatural Japanese monsters) coexist with one another. You play as a shrine maiden student in a story that tackles the topic of falling in love.

The game is a charming and eccentric anime-like 3D RPG, with a light hearted atmosphere and a storyline that revolves around your character spending her winter holiday inside the school campus, and falling in love with a mysterious character.

The Alpha Demo is really more of a teaser, giving you a small peek at what Ayanoyama miko school is like.  Allowing you to walk around and interact with other characters, with plenty of dialog to go through all wonderfully voice acted in Japanese with English translations.

Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode looks set to be a fun and whimsical Anime-style RPG, and a refreshing change from huge swords and behemoths.anime

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Bloodborne is the new game by From Software, makers of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls - fantastic games which beat you to a pulp while you thanked them for it.  Bloodborne looks set to continue this tradition, utilising the power of the new consoles to great effect, making for a far more visceral and blood filled experience.

Bloodborne will be a Action RPG with stunningly detailed gothic environments and challenging gameplay.  Early gameplay footage shows off co-op multiplayer, fantastic character design, large mobs of enemies and faster, more flowing combat than we’ve seen in the Souls games.   The combat still promises to be deeply strategic though - you’ll need your wits around you to survive in Bloodborne.

Much like the Souls games, Bloodborne looks set to kick your ass, but at least this time you can say you were distracted by how pretty it is!

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Blockstorm is a cool voxel based first person shooter with fast paced gameplay, fully destructible terrain and powerful map and character editing toolsets.

Your character is made out of hundreds of small blocks, and so you can customize and create them to look like anything you want.  The map editor is a powerful, yet easy to use tool, allowing you to create anything your heart desires.  Multiplayer matches are fast and fun, and full of lovely voxel based destruction.

Blockstorm is basically a fun mix of Minecraft and Call of Duty, and great for some voxel based carnage.  Perfect for taking out any frustrations you may have about Microsoft buying Minecraft!

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Bear Hero is a fun roguelike platformer where you play as a bear (who is very heroic) and try to navigate an randomly generated overworld maze.

Before the game starts you’re presented with a choice of two images (for example a cat and a dog), you choose one and a selection of bears are eliminated from the herd.  You repeat this process a few times until your left with one bear. That bear is you, and depending on your choices you’ll have different class of bear with unique stars and skills (including clerics, Tricksters, Duelists and demigods).

There are three types of stages that you can enter into from the world map: health-levels (where you gain health), treasure-levels (where you gain loot) and battle-levels (where you do battle).  Every bear has a basic swipe attack with with a significant cooldown period (dependent on your stats).  This forces you to think strategically about your moves, learning attack patterns and precisely timing your attacks.

Bear Hero is a pretty tough game, but it strangely addictive and rewards perseverance.  Much like Spellunky, it will punish you for your mistakes, but you’ll always come back for more.

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The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name is a badass biker racing game with tons of customisation options, procedurally generated levels and lots of Road Rash-style violence.

It’s a fun arcade racer where you race against (and beat up) a selection of larger than life characters (including bears) on a selection of procedurally generated highways while listening to Trash Metal.  As well as the standard Arcade racing, there’s a nice range fun gamely modes, including a Mario Kart-Style ‘Mustache Mode' with some ridiculous power-ups, 'Long Jump' and 'Offroad Tree Slalom'.  

It’s an Arcade Racer that all about the fun, revelling in it’s own silliness. The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name does have a name, it’s name is ‘Fun!’  

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Jack the Reaper is a fun 16 bit-styled 2D platforming game inspired the Kirby series, where you play a custodian of the dead who must restore the balance of life and death after the moon falls from the sky and screws everything up.

The story is told through well animated cutscenes, full of charm and humour (skippable with ‘Q’).  You travel through the beautifully crafted, vibrant levels sending the dead back where they belong, and getting to the bottom of what caused it to happen it the first place.  As well as your basic attacks, you also have the ability to absorb the defeated enemies soulsKirby-Style, replenishing health and acquiring new abilities and weapons – which can later be combined together to great effect.

It really does hark back to the glory days of 16 bit platforming, with large sprites full of personality and color, challenging gameplay, cool power-ups and epic boss fights.  Don’t fear the Reaper, adore him.

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Tolroko is a visually stunning open-world sci-fi adventure that’s inspired by the Barsoom books.

It’s is set in a procedurally generated alien planet that’s populated with cities and villages filled with different alien races. Playing as a human, you explore, shape your character and interact with the aliens through combat, trade, and diplomacy.

In Tolroko you will have the freedom to choose your adventure, gathering resources to help you survive, trading with locals, and making tools needed to construct fun machinery - like a hover bike!  It’s an impressive game, as you walk or fly around the game’s world, at times it looks and feels like a you’re part of a visually stunning intractable art piece.  This is a place you really want to explore.

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Nubs’ Adventure is a charming pixel art exploratory 2D platformer, full of wonderful surprises and diverse puzzles that reward lateral thinking.

You play an instantly likeable character called Nub, who may not look like much, but who actually has a surprisingly large set of skills – including the ability to control certain objects and creatures (including the giant worm above), each with their own control scheme.  It seems like you’re always finding something new Nub can do as he embarks on his adventure in a world that’s a joy to explore, full of mystery, danger and surprises, all rendered with a fantastic pixel art graphical style.

Nubs’ Adventure is still early in development, so there are a couple of issues (no music score is implemented yet and some small intractable objects are hard to notice) but it’s certainly shaping up to be an excellent game.  The extensive Alpha Demo will take at least an hour to complete, and during it’s playtime it impresses with it’s charm, innovative puzzle design, unique gameplay features and giant flying worms!

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Dr Spacezoo, or to give it it’s full name - Dr Spacezoo or: How I Learned To Stop Shooting And Save The Animals - is a fun pixel art top-down arcade shooter that sees you saving starving animals from an automated space zoo.

During each level you must infiltrate the zoo’s cells and locate the exotic animal pictured in the top-left hand side of the screen, then escape before the zoo’s AI blows up your ship.  Things start of easily, but the difficulty soon ramps up once the sentry guards are introduced. 

It’s great fun going in all guns blazing blowing up everything in sight, but you’ll have to be careful not to blow away the animals you’re trying to rescue!

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