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Subterrain is a very well made zombie survival game that’s more of a top down DayZ than a an arcade zombie blaster.

There is some gunplay in Subterrain, but as with DayZ, it’s more about survival, with limited supplies you need to eat, drink, sleep, scavenge and craft items in order to survive this zombie infested underground city.  Food, water, medical supplies and (most importantly) weaponry are littered around the areas, all helping you to survive that little bit longer. 

Still early in development, the game already looks fantastic, with dank gloomy rooms full of great little details and lots of lurking zombies.  It’s a tough game, you’ll have to plan, scavenge, ration and fight to survive, but nobody said the surviving a zombie apocalypse would be easy!

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Libratopia is an inventive text based puzzle game that see’s you performing a string of searches in a library database, using the info from the current search results to figure out the book title, author or user name that you’re supposed to search for next.

It’s an interesting concept (if a little hard to describe), and during the short playthough of the Demo, it throws up some wonderfully clever and inventive puzzle designs that reward lateral thinking.  

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Salt is a beautiful mix of ProteusDayZMinecraft and Wind Waker, that’s one of the most colourful and warm survival exploration adventures you’ll ever experience, full of natural wonders and stunning vistas.

Since the inception of DayZ, there have been a LOT of survival games released, but nothing quite like Salt.  The main focus of Salt isn’t survival or combat, it’s exploration and the joy of discovery.

There’s an extensive crafting system in Salt, with you able to craft armour, tools, weapons, camp-sites and even a variety of boats .  You’ll need these boats as the world of Salt is made up of lots of procedurally generated islands which you can travel to and pillage for resources.  

The world of Salt is a joy to explore, in many ways it looks and feels like Wind Waker or Proteus, with so much color and beauty to behold as you sail from island to island.  There are so many beautiful sights to discover, and so many memorable ‘firsts’ – like the first time you set sail, the first time you spot a wild animal, and the first time you witness a glorious sunset.  

Salt isn’t  about surviving, it’s about living.  Highly recommended.

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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is a charming action platformer about an octopus in a dangerous world that has some serious issues with the fundamental laws of gravity.

As every piece of land in the game has it’s own gravity, you’re able to jump Super Mario Galaxy-style from landmass to landmass.  It’s a fun mechanic that’s used well, especially once the floating water masses are brought into play.

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is shaping up to be an excellent platformer, fully of joy, charm and innovative level design.  8 legs of awesome.

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Tiny Wizard is a fast paced 2D top-down procedurally generated roguelike with a focus on combat and a variety of fun and powerful spells to unleash upon the different creatures that want to kill and devour you.

Each time you defeat a boss you’ll receive a new item for you to test on the creatures, and by test we mean kill them in a cool new way.  The game is challenging, with beautiful pixelated art style, great audio and snazzy graphical effects.  Also, let’s not forget about perma death – even wizards are mortal!

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The End of Journey is an addictive interactive fiction/survival game with random elements that sees you trying to survive for as long as possible on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

To stand a chance you’ll have to scavenge for items in the wreckage of your ship, craft items, eat, drink, keep your spirits up and survive strange encounters (ranging from pulling dead bodies out of the water, to kissing a mermaid.)  Your success in these instances is largely dependent on your physical state, but rest assured there are plenty of nasty ways to die in this game.

For such a simple premise, The End of Journey really does have lots of depth (pun intended) and replayability.  There’s always a feeling that your next play though will be the one where you manage to escape a watery grave (though probably not).  It’s a ship-shape shipwreck survival adventure.

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Strife is now in Open Beta!  Strife is an interesting MOBA with lots of character, that aims to reduce player toxicity to newcomers, making it a game anyone can play, not just the MOBA elite.

It’s a fun and easily accessible MOBA, a great way of dipping your toe in the MOBA pool without getting it bitten off.

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Hunted is a tricky first person shooter where there’s only one shooter and it’s not you!  A VERY accurate sniper at the top of the hill is trying to kill you and you have to reach him without getting killed.

The game is extremely hard, exciting, and an intense and fun new way to experience a game. You really are in fear of your life from start to finish

There are 2 versions of the Alpha Demo available, the original ridiculously hard one and a slightly easier one.   We recommend playing the original first to see how you fare, then trying the newer version once you’re fed up of dying!

Download the Alpha Demo & try to reach the sniper! (Win & Mac)

Engauge is a fun 2D action platformer set in a colorful and deadly world filled with machinery and natural wonders.

It’s a cool game that offers retro 2D action platforming thrills, with modern visuals, diverse combat, and lots of fun ideas that add depth to the gameplay.  It’ll engauge your brain as well as your reflexes.

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Principia is an impressive mix of TerrariaMinecraft and Little Big Planet where you explore and mine procedurally generated worlds, craft items, create minigames and build some incredibly intricate electrical/mechanical structures - from a pooping elephant to a fully transformable Optimus Prime.

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