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Velvet Sundown is a very different type of role-playing game, a game where you actually take on the role of the character - a guest on a luxury yacht - with you and four other players building a  45 minute long story.

Each time you play Velvet Sundown you’ll be set up with a new identity for you to embody, interacting and chatting with other players, using charm and charisma to convince other players to follow your suggestions, allowing you to fulfil your objectives.   Whether you’re a journalist, playboy, businessman or international spy, you each have your own objectives which can only be achieved with social interactions with other players.

Chatting is facilitated through a text-to-chat system, which means that everyone sounds a bit like Siri, but also means that there are no preformed conversation paths, you can say whatever you want to whoever you want.  This allows for some wonderful free-form story-crafting, with love, scandal and espionage all commonplace on this luxury yacht.  Much like our recently featured Storium, Velvet Sundown is a game that thrives on social interaction and creativity, as such, if you’re playing with the right people it can be a blast.

Sign-up for the Velvet Sundown Beta

UPDATE: Velvet Sundown is now in Open Beta on Steam.  Board the luxury yacht now, Free!

Europa 9 is a simple, but highly addictivemining game, inspired by Motherload Utopian Miner where you’ll mine various ores, purchase upgrades, complete missions and travel to new worlds.

You play as Minora, a miner who is caught up working for the mega corporation Min-R-Mart.  You’ll dig for minerals and complete objectives, gaining cash and unlocking new upgrades, shops and planets for you to explore, all rendered in a charming pixel art visual style.

The feedback loop in Europa 9 remarkably satisfying, you dig to mine ore, then sell the ore to unlock upgrades which allow you to mine more ore.  Starting out with basic equipment which won’t allow you to go very deep or break through rock very fast, you’ll always be hankering for the next upgrade which will allow you to mine that much better.  The various pickaxes are especially satisfying once they’re unlocked - purchase the laser pickaxe and you’ll be gliding through rock like a hot knife through butter.

There’s no denying that Eoropa 9 is a fairly simple game, but it’s also very addictive and it’s a hugely satisfying experience burrowing through layers of sedimentary rock.  How deep can you go?  Very deep indeed.

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Souvenirs is a wonderful pixel art puzzle platformer that sees you exploring an intricate cave system in the dark, where you use sounds to visualise your environment.

You are lost.  Alone.  Searching for yourself.  You don’t see far.  In fact, you see nothing at all.  But you hear things… drops; water flowing; rocks falling, rolling… and a bell.  These environmental sounds, as well as the ability to throw rocks and other unlockable powers, help you visualise your surroundings, highlighting unseen ledges and allowing you to solve puzzles and progress through the labyrinthine underground tunnels.  There are also interesting picture puzzles, solved by moving the camera, which join together to create a storyboard, providing a welcome break from the darkness.

Souvenirs is a wonderful, solitary and slightly claustrophobic experience, with the all encompasing darkness capable of hiding many an instant-death fall, you’ll always be foraging forward with trepidation.   The darkness really does draw you in, making you focus on any glimpses of light.  An excellentspelunking experience.

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Fragments of Him is a short and emotional game that tells the story of a man trying to come to terms with the loss of his lover who died suddenly in a car crash.  The prototype was originally created for Ludum Dare and is now in development for a full release that expands it’s scope to explore how the whole family copes with the death.

The Prototype focuses on the young mans lover, who tries to cope with his loss by eliminating everything that reminds him the deceased.  The gameplay is fairly basic, with you clicking on items and making them disappear, but it’s the heartfelt narrative that really draws you in.  With a full playthrough taking less than 10 minutes, it’s well worth giving Fragments of Him a go, it’s an interesting and affecting experience with some pretty intense emotional moments.

Play the Prototype, Free

Fantastic Journeys is a wonderful Unreal Engine 4 Powered 3D action platformer inspired by Jumping Flash! that sees you jumping your way towards a goal at to top of some of the most colourful and vibrant open world levels ever seen.

The amount of freedom afforded by the game’s level design is fantastic, with the huge open world levels offering up multiple routes and secrets - there always seems to be something new to discover in this glorious technicolour candyland.  There are no checkpoints, so if you fall it can be a long way down, but thankfully the platforming is remarkably accurate, thanks to the ability to dash in the air, jump, double jump, triple jump and even quadruple jump your way from platform to platform.

The Prototype gives you access to a large open level full of interesting areas to explore and beautiful vistas, and a smaller bonus level packed with enemies, bizarre landmarks and some destructible terrain.

It really is a joy to explore the worlds of Fantastic Journeys - it’s like Jumping Flash!, updated in Unreal Engine 4 and turned up to 11.  

Download the Prototype, Free

Bounty Hounds Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG with with large scale 100vs100 battles, daily and weekly PvP and PvE events, futuristic vehicles and transforming mech-pets – including velociraptors, dragons and wolves.

It’s a good looking game that put’s a large emphasis on the pets, with them all able to transform into an epic robot form.  The game features 6 playable classes with unique combat abilities.  You can also craft, upgrade your gear, ride a futuristic motorcycle, or glide on a hoverboard across our beautifully designed maps. Form guilds and alliances and participate in territory wars, as well as defending against T-Rex invasions.

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Tormentum is a dreamlike 2D adventure game full of intelligent puzzle design and stunning artwork inspired by H.R.Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski, as well as games such as Demon’s Souls and Dark Seed.

The game is set in an unfriendly, nightmarish, violent world full of Giger-esque art that’s both repulsive and beautiful at once. The protagonist is a man whose faith dealt him short, and despite amnesia he tries to pursue his wandering and not to give up.

The Tormentum Alpha Demo offers a short taster of what the full game will offer, with some inventive puzzles, a dark storyline, an intuitive point n’ click interface, an unsettling music score and some gorgeous artwork.  Tormentum looks set to be a nightmarish adventure you won’t want to wake up from.

Visit the IndieGoGo Page & Download the Alpha Demo (Win & Mac)

Das Tal is a good looking new Sandbox MMORPG that focusses on player interaction and PvP combat.

The game features full and open PvP, lots of loot, limited grind, free character development and skill based combat.  Players will build and besiege player settlements and battle over crafting resources, with players able to pick each servers rules - allowing them to play the game they want to play.

This Alpha Test will focus on having fun with some good old-fashioned PvP combat. The gameplay will involve two clans battling it out over five key landmarks on the map, earning points to win the round with the more landmarks they capture and defend. Players will choose between three armor classes and three weapons sets, combining these however they like to fit their playstyle. The playtests will focus on fast paced and diverse combat situations with this mix of characters fighting for map control. Additional features such as experience gains, character progression and proper clan warfare will come later in development.

The Alpha starts on July 20th, Sign-Up now

Snot is a quirky and funny arcade action-adventure game where you play a reluctant little snail that seeks to learn the mysteries of the universe and his existence.

It’s a fun arcade-style romp with metroidvania leanings, charming character design, tricky level design, secrets and some interesting special abilities unlocked by combining various shells with elements.  The dev also plans to add multiplayer, a world editor, new game modes, 9 huge worlds and 30 different bosses to the final game.

Snot’s shaping up to be a great piece of retro gaming with a great sense of humor.  We’d certainly love to see more of this charming little mollusc.  It’s snot bad, snot bad at all!

Check out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo

Weldling is a fun non-profit 2.5D physics toy-box that allows users to easily weld objects together to build a multitude of structures and even create their own mini games.

Welding plans to be 100% free to play, with no DRM, micro-transactions or adverts, while still providing hordes of content and post release DLC at no cost.  The game is planned to come to PC/Mac/Linux & mobile, and features a simple and easily accessible interface that works well with a mouse and touch screen.  Touch screen is where the real joy will be though, as the tactile nature of the game makes it feel like a you’re playing with a physical toy-box.

The Pre-Alpha is obviously still very early in development, but it offers a great showcase of the games build-and-play nature and it’s realistic physics engine.  It’s great fun messing around with the various building blocks, the elasticity of the welds is a great touch - allowing you to create fun non-rigid structures that can be used in a variety of ways.  The tools available are fairly simple at the moment, but the dev plans to add multi-player, NPC Animals, multiple layers, time manipulation, animal breeding and a variety of new tools including one which allows you to create your own shapes.

With it’s ease of use and toy-box feel, Weldling is an impressive sandbox that revels in the joy of creation - like Lego, but with bendy bits and you don’t have to clear up afterwards!

Check out the Kickstarter and Download the Pre-Alpha Free (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)