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Catlateral Damage is a first person mischievous cat simulator, where your objective is to knock as many of your loving owners belongings onto the floor within a 2 minute time limit.

It’s a fun little game, and there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from knocking things over and making a mess (That’s probably why cats do it in the first place).  The dev plans to add more levels (rooms) to destroy, but at the Alpha gives you free reign to destroy your owners bedroom for 2 mins.  On your marks… get set… destroy!!

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UPDATE:  Catlateral Damage Version v5.0a is now out!  The came now features breakable objects, new art, a new room, normal mode, time trial mode and sandbox mode that gives you access to half of the house!

UPDATE:  Catlateral Damage Version v5.0a is now out!  The came now features breakable objects, new art, a new room, normal mode, time trial mode and sandbox mode that gives you access to half of the house!

Time Rifters is a very clever single-player first person shooter co-op game where ‘time rifts’ allow you to be your own team mates.  Each time you play through a level, all of your actions are recorded and reproduced for the next playthrough, even the weapon upgrades.  You can do this 4 times, allowing you to play as 4 independent time clones, working together (with yourself) to complete the levels.  It’s a fantastic premise and works really well once you’ve wrapped your head around the concept.

The game also looks fantastic, with it’s minimalistic futuristic world and voxel based enemies that can be destroyed piece by piece.  It’s also available on Oculus Rift, for a completely immersive experience.

Time Rifters is based on a truly unique idea which shouldn’t work and somehow does, very well in fact.  It’s a single player co-op FPS - a damn good one too and it certainly gives a new meaning to ‘playing with yourself’.  

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The Crack is a great looking fusion of Tower defense and FPS, set in a dark dystopian future where aliens have invaded planet earth.  You’re job is to defend against waves of attacking aliens using classical tower defense tactics, but with the ability to switch to a first person view and control units such as mechs, soldiers, assault planes and more.

Still in early development, the game already looks fantastic, both in tower defence commander view and first person view.  Each level will have it’s own distinctive atmosphere, complete with destructable terrain and you’ll be able to play a single player campaign, multiplayer versus and co-op.  The Crack has already been greenlit on Steam and will feature full Steam support and global leaderboards.

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Glitchspace is a first person programming game that’s centred around a visual programming mechanic to change the shape and purpose of objects.  Set in a cyberspace world with simple, solid colors and shading, you have to solve problems by reprogramming objects, altering their physical properties to allow your passage through the levels.

Glitchspace teaches you how to use its node-based programming system called Null through trial and error, with you experimenting with various functions.  Right clicking on an object brings up a programming box full of nodes that you can alter.  A lot of these nodes will be locked (initially anyway), but you’re able to make additions to the red coloured connections that can drastically alter the make-up of the object.  Later on you’re able to actually fire these programs with a gun, allowing you to alter multiple objects quickly.

You’re basically programming on-the-fly, you’re Neo, but instead of dodging bullets in slow motion you’re taking on complex, mind bending puzzles in a beautiful, minimalistic cyberspace.

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Tricone Lab is a fun puzzle game where each level is a microscopic multicellular organism.  You must utilise the different resources within the cell to create a substance called Tricone.  This starts off very easily, but soon gets tougher as more catalysts and molecules get introduced, creating complex logic puzzles that require some experimentation.

The graphical style is pleasingly simple, with each multicellular organism reacting to your actions, and a fun, organic way of combining resources.  Tricone Lab has a pick up and play quality that makes it great for short bursts of puzzle gaming –  a fun organic puzzler that rewards lateral thinking.

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Dogs of War is a great looking online turn based strategy game that offers deep tactical gameplay and is inspired by the Confrontation miniatures game.

With a choice of three factions, you spend Army Points to build a hierarchical group of mercenaries from the units of your choice, then send them on missions, or battle against online opponents.  Each event earns resource points which you then use to enhance units.  The combat system feels similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, battles are deeply strategic, with wealth of tactical options available to the player, though thanks to it’s intuitive UI, it never feels overwhelming.

It’s worth noting that although this is a free to play game, every unit is unlockable through in-game currency, you may be required to grind at times, but it’s certainly not pay-to-win.

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PRISM is an old school top down arcade shoot-em-up with one game changing difference - you don’t shoot directly at the enemies, instead you shoot through a prism in the centre of the screen, which then spreads your shot out the other side.  You can choose whether the shots go straight through the prism, or bounce off them like a mirror.  This works well once you get used to it, as switching between normal fire and mirrored mode to dispose of enemies becomes second nature.

PRISM features clever enemy design, big bosses, retro visuals and a great soundtrack. It’s also hard, very hard in-fact, you’ll need quick thinking, quick reflexes and a bit of luck if you’re going to succeed in PRISM.  It’s a game aimed squarely at hardcore shoot-em-up fans, and all the better for it.

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Next Car Game is a great looking destruction heavy racing game with amazing environmental destruction, sophisticated physics-based driving dynamics and damage models.   It comes from Bugbear, developers of FlatOut and the recent Ridge Racer Unboundedboth games known for their high levels of destruction, but Next Car Game looks like it’s taking carnage to a whole new level.

Even though it’s only a tech demo, it’s still great fun.  It’s just you, the car, and big playground to full of things to bash, jump, and destroy.  The  sheer amount of destruction on offer is fantastic and it does a great job of showcasing the game engines’ capabilities.  Bugbear may not of come up with a proper name for their game yet, but they have come up with the foundations of a very good game.

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Dead Pixels 2  is a bigger and better follow-up to Dead Pixels, a fun retro side-scrolling action game, with zombies.  The Devs compare Dead Pixels 2 to the Evil Dead 2 - improving upon the flaws of the original Dead Pixels and use an actual budget to make sure the whole thing is polished, not a remake, but not a sequel and superior to the original in every way.

Dead Pixels 2 features some wonderful pixel art graphics, branching paths, loot, lots of weaponry and a variety of RPG elements - such as cash, XP, shops, abilities and Skills to level up.  It’s great fun to play and has a distinctive 80’s style to it, full of garish colours, plenty of neon, retro graphics and even a VHS-style screen filter complete with scan lines and tracking issues.  It also features an AI director which assesses how well the player was doing and adjusts the game to suit, allowing for consistently challenging gameplay.

While Dead Pixels 2 may look like a simple retro side scrolling brawler with guns, there’s a remarkable amount of depth to the gameplay.  It’s reminiscent of the recent Scot Pilgrim Vs The World game, but with zombies, shotguns and a dash of 80’s awesome.

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Chaos Reborn is a great looking tactical turn based strategy game from Julian Gollop - an original creator of XCOM and a godfather of turn based strategy.

Part sequel, part re-imagining of the original ZX Spectrum game ChaosChaos Reborn takes the original formula and builds on it, updating it for the modern day.  It’s a battle between wizards, with each player in control of one wizard, using a variety of summons and spells to defeat the other wizards and be declared the winner.  It’s a game that’s easy to pick up, but offers lots of depth, with plenty of strategic options and opportunity for bluff and deception.

battles last around 10-30 minutes, with 80 unique spells, including 24 different creatures - from dragons to goblins.  The prototype is multplayer skirmishes only, but the full game promises progression and story, with you starting off as an apprentice wizard, ascending the ranks through Wizard Lord, Wizard King, Demigod and ultimately God,  where you can influence the fate of the cosmos.

It’s still early in development, but even the prototype of Chaos Reborn is a thoroughly enjoyable turn based arena warfare game, offering plenty of tactical nuances and fun, fast paced matches.  Great for short bouts of tactical turn based wizardry. 

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