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Principia is an impressive mix of TerrariaMinecraft and Little Big Planet where you explore and mine procedurally generated worlds, craft items, create minigames and build some incredibly intricate electrical/mechanical structures - from a pooping elephant to a fully transformable Optimus Prime.

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Super Rocket Shootout is a local multiplayer 2d brawler similar to Super Smash Bros or Megabyte Punch.

It supports up to 4 players, has highly destructible environments for you to pummel your friends in, an in-depth combat system inspired by the fighting game genre filled with combos, counters and even super attacks!

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Defenders Of Time is a great looking online tower defense game with up to 8 players battling each other in a 4v4 co-op and competitive matches (or single player for solo tacticians).

The game features a great variety of B-movie inspired monsters and a nice selection of towers to blow them away.  You’ll plant defensive towers, buffs, upgrade them, or even pre-plant them as a ghost turret.

What’s also cool is that you can draw tactical lines, and make points of interest for your other coop partners to see and communicate strategies.  Working as a team is key to winning the battle and Defenders Of Time really gives you all the tools you need to do so.

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Sky Arena is a fun single player/multiplayer 3D shoot em up where you take control of a handful of pilots with different types of ships, and battle it out across some wonderful low-poly planetoids.

You can play single player trench runs or play with your friends locally, against online players, or with your friends locally against online players.  Sky Arena features an awesome 90s style soundtrack, different types of planets to manoeuvre and shoot enemies on and an assortment of cool power-ups.

It’s a fast-paced and fun 3D shooter with a cool retro vibe, agile ships and responsive controls.  Low-poly, high fun blasting action.

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Putrefaction is survival-Horror FPS with roguelike elements like randomly-generated levels and permadeath, set in an underground bunker, filled with various nasty mutants and monsters.

It’s still very early in development, but it certainly shows promise, with the gunplay feeling nice and solid and some rather freaky enemy designs (The Thing-style headcrabs are a particular highlight).   The aim of the game at the moment is to travel down as deep into the bunker as possible before you inevitably die (there’s no health regeneration or health packs).  On your way through the procedurally generated bunkers, you’ll come across a selection of weaponry, from knives to AK-47s to fend off the monstrous hordes (‘F’ picks up weapons & opens doors).

The dev still plans to add a lot more features to Putrefaction, and there’s a lot of placeholder art and animation, but it’s already got a nicely sinister vibe and the procedural generation means you’re never quite sure what’s around the next corner.

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REalM: Walk of Soul is a beautiful 2D puzzle adventure, that sees you playing a 17 year old girl who is trapped in a surreal nightmare world.

First thing’s first, as a puzzle platformer REalM is terrible, there’s a distinct lack of direction around the game and your movement animations are VERY slow and clunky.   As you progress through the game you’ll unlock new powers, but as most of the world is open to you from the start, it’s easy to overlook them and enter areas that are near impossible.  For the moment, rest assured that if you enter an area and die a lot, it’s most likely because you need to unlock a new power first (Hint: after unlocking your first power at the tree, examine the book on your right first).

It’s easy to forgive these shortcomings (though hopefully they’ll be fixed in future builds), when you see the fantastically surreal artwork on display.  REalM: Walk of Soul‘s dream world is not a nice place to be, but it sure is beautiful.  There’s an unsettling, horror-like atmosphere, with a world full of Dali-esque surreal artwork and freaky creatures that you can’t help but stare at in morbid fascination.

As a piece of surreal audio/visual art REalM: Walk of Soul is fantastic, the craftsmanship that’s gone into creating the world is astounding.  It’s a shame that at the moment the gameplay falls flat, but they’ve got plenty of time to fix that.  Here’s hoping that they do, because I’d really love to explore more of this beautiful nightmare.

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Just Another Bug Hunt? is a fun mix of old school run and gun action and RTS elements, that sees you trying to survive for as long as possible on a seriously hostile alien planet.

The Prototype gives you access to the ‘Survival-like’ mode, in which you use guns, structures, unique abilities and A.I. familiars to fend off your inevitable demise for as long as possible (which won’t be long).  The full game will feature a choice of 4 playable characters, boss fights, randomly generated terrain and a fully fleshed out story campaign, but the Prototype is a great taster of things to come.

At the moment, the game is fun but very hard, this difficulty is mainly just down to a few issues with the game design which we’d hope will be ironed out in future releases.  The aiming system is a little odd, with you using the roller wheel on your mouse to change your shooting angle.  While this works quite well once you’re used to it, it’s still not an ideal way to play a twitchy arcade shooter (and makes shooting those damn walking mines near impossible!).  Also, at the moment, the buildings only seem to last for a short amount of time before they shut down, we’d love to see a more permanent benefit for spending your (very) hard earned cash.

Just Another Bug Hunt? is still very early in development, so there are bound to be a few rough edges, but the concept, core gameplay, visual style and audio are all great.  With a bit of polish, this could be a lot more than just another bug hunt.

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Beat Patrol is a challenging rhythm action side scrolling bullet hell shooter where you dodge the enemies attacks then shoot in time with the music.

The music is wonderful, and if you have a half decent sense of rhythm it’s (reasonably) easy to match up the beats.  Things start off easy, but it soon ramps up to bullet hell shoot-em-up levels of difficulty.  It’s a fun and challenging game that will test your sense of rhythm as well as your reflexes.

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Divine Souls is a fast paced real-time action RPG with an extensive combat combo system, PvE dungeon instances, 4 unique classes, lots of loot and a MOBA-Style PvP battle Arena.

In combat the combo system is easy to pick up and allows for some pretty spectacular fights.  Completing dungeons (of various modes) will earn you XP and loot, which allow you to level up and customise your character.  You’re able to form parties with friends to tackle the dungeons or enter the fun MOBA-Style battle arena for some fast paced PvP action.

While Divine Souls isn’t exactly spectacular in the graphical department, the combo combat system is fun, with no need to wait for cooldown timers, making for combat that’s mentally and visually engaging.

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MyDream is a wonderful voxel based sandbox/toolbox that allows you to build worlds as in Minecraft, but also allows you to go on RPG-style adventures, find treasures, solve puzzles and design your own intricate quests for others to play.

World Building and Quest building are remarkably easy (though it’s recommended to play the short tutorial world first), with you not just restricted to building out of blocks, but able to sculpt terrain organically.  There’s also an RPG-style levelling system that allows you to level up in three different categories (Builder, Explorer, and Bravery), enhancing your playstyle as you progress.

MyDream is also full of nice little audio touches that make even scrolling through your inventory a delightful experience.  Combined with it’s exceptional soundtrack, this makes for a melodic, dream-like atmosphere that fits well with the overall style of the game.

It’s an impressive game, with it’s dream like atmosphere, RPG-style progression, world building and quest building, MyDream really does allow you create anything you can dream up!

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