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Smoking Simulator sees you going about your daily business at your crappy office job, trying your very best not to get too stressed out.  If your stress levels get too high the red mist will descend and you’ll trash the office - which is fun, but not so good for your career prospects.

As you can guess from the games title, Smoking is your main way of relaxation, bringing your stress levels down to a reasonably safe state.  The company knows the job is stressfull, so they allow for quick smoke breaks, however you still need to do your job correctly and smoke in the designated area or you’ll promptly be fired!

It’s pretty hard to stay relaxed in this working environment.  Your job is to check what to buy for the company and not make useless purchases, this is stressful in itself, but if you screw up your boss will berrate you, increasing your stress levels condiderably.  It’s recommended to work in spurts, getting up from your workstation, exploring a bit and grabbing a smoke regularly is the only way to make it thopugh the day.  Once the stress levels get too high you’ll have more chance of triggering rage mode, destroying everything around you and pretty much going ape-sh*t.

Smoking Simulator was created for the rpgmakerweb Indie Game Maker Contest and is still in Beta, with plenty of additions and fixes in the works.  While we can’t encourage taking up smoking, we’d certainly recommend giving virtual smoking a go, especially if you’re having a hard day at work!

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UPDATE: You can now get A full FREE copy of Smoking Simulator when it releases on Steam!

SonicGDK (short for 3D Sonic Games Development Kit) is an impressive Unreal Development Kit powered Sonic The Hedgehog game creation tool which allows users to create some seriously impressive Sonic games (much better than the tat SEGA have been making lately anyway.)

SonicGDK gives you access to 3 versions of Sonic (Classic, Generic & Modern) with super forms, power-ups, badniks, special moves, controller support, checkpoints, bumpers, spikes and various other traps - basically everything you need to make a Sonic game.  You will need at least some basic coding skills to great anything good, but going by the variety of impressive games that have already been created with SonicGDK (See GIFs above), it’s certainly a powerful and versatile game creation tool.  Maybe even SEGA could make a decent Sonic game with it!

Download all the Sonic games featured above and the SonicGDK codebase for free!

Northward is a wonderful pixel art co-operative management game set in an atmospheric Nordic landscape, inspired by The Settlers, Transport Tycoon and Banished, where you build a settlement, expand, gather resources, build defenses and steadily make your way towards the mountains in the North.
The Pre-Alpha Demo is still very early in development and doesn’t feature co-op play, but it does offer a taster of the basics of the gameplay in Northward.  Once you figure out the what to do, it’s a fairly simple and fun way to manage building the town, with villagers commanded to work in different buildings where they’ll continue to work autonomously.   Once you’ve created a few arrow towers and fully stacked them up with arrows, just click on the skull at the top of the map, and you’ll have to defend against a few waves of enemies.  It is a fairly short demo, but it does a good job of showing off the gameplay and cool retro visuals.
Management games are usually a solitary affair, so co-op is a welcome addition in Northward.  In the full game you’ll be able to plan and build your settlement together, (hopefully) working in harmony to tackle catastrophic events.  This co-op gameplay combined with the wonderful pixel art graphical style and easily approachable settlement building make Northward an enticing prospect.  Go North!

Screencheat is a two to four player first-person shooter where everyone is invisible and the only way to eliminate your enemy or win the match is by screen cheating - as in looking at your enemies side of the screen to know where they are and hunting them down.

Screencheat is certainly a unique FPS in today’s gaming world where every shooter is almost of the same concept but with a different theme to them. Taking inspirations from classic competitive FPS games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Halo, it’s looking to be an extremely fun and competitive game with a big (invisible) twist.

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Hardline Gunner is challenging bullet hell top-down arcade shooter, with fast paced gameplay, line-of-sight mechanics, procedurally generated levels and a wonderful minimalistic visual style.

The game plays like a cross between a bullet hell shoot-em-up and Geometry Wars, but with the procedural generation and line-of-sight mechanics making things even harder, as you’re never sure what’s behind the next corner.  

Hardline Gunner is a seriously hard game and will test the reflexes and wits of seasoned arcade shooter fans, it’s also pretty fair though, when you die (and you will) it’s usually your fault.  For those looking for some top-down arcade shooter action, Hardline Gunner is a minimalist shooter with maximum thrills.

Download the Alpha Demo

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Rise Of Incarnates is a great looking new fighting game from Bandai Namco (famed for the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises) in which players take control if Incarnates with mythical powers and beat the crap out of each other in real-world cityscapes.

The back-story is a typically silly, but entertaining affair, and fittingly, some of it can be read in comic book for on the main website.  The Incarnates are humans who have been gifted mythical powers by meteorites that fell from the sky, after that it goes a bit X-Men, with regular humans fearing them and Incarnates fighting among themselves.  There’s also a mysterious voice that has spoken to the Incarnates, delivering a cryptic message “To avoid certain destruction, you must defeat the Sovereign of this era.”

With their own interpretations and reasons for fighting, the incarnates enter the fray.  This means a multitude of super-powered characters beating each other up in 2 vs. 2 matches across some beautifully rendered and half-destroyed real world locations.  The diverse character types are promised to have unique skills and powers and appeal to a variety of play-styles while accommodating expansive team dynamics and strategy in the 3D Battle Arenas.

Rise of Incarnates certainly looks very impressive, if the gameplay matches the visuals, this could be a super-human smackdown of epic proportions.

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UPDATE: Beta Sign-Ups are now open, sign up now!

Lavapools is a fun, challenging and addictive ‘hardcore game about dodging death' that sees you dodging deadly traps and collecting crystals to progress to the next level.

Each level starts of fairly simply, but as you collect more crystals, more and more traps are activated, eventually turning into a near unpenatrable mix of blades, enemies and lava.  When you die (and you will) you lose all of the crystals you collected, but similarly to Dark Souls, if you manage to get back to the spot where you died you can get half of the crystals back.  This creates a real risk/reward dynamic, as you hold off collecting the crystals from your corpse for as long as possible, to keep the difficulty down, always aware that if you die before you collect them, they’re gone for good.

Lavapools has a charming pixel art graphical style, which compounded by the quirky sound bytes, challenging gameplay and it’s addictive ‘just one more go' nature makes for a thoroughly enjoyable game.  It's certainly worth taking a dip in Lavapools.

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Mendel’s Farm is a quirky resource management game which uses real life genetics to create a range of weird and wacky crops and animals - from fire breathing chickens to pigs with afros.

The game uses real genetic rules of heredity pioneered by Gregor Mendel and adds a few outlandish genetic mutations to allow you to selectively breed your livestock and crops into something Dr. Moreau would be envious of.  As well as creating mutant chickens, you’ll also have to build, manage and upgrade your farm, and protect your livestock from thieves - from foxes to aliens.

Mendel’s Farm may not be entirely scientifically accurate, but it’s great to see a game that uses some real life scientific theory as a basis for it’s core gameplay.  Just as importantly though, is the great sense of humour and freedom to experiment allowing you to create all manner of  silly creatures.  Weird Science indeed.

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UPDATE: Mendel’s Farm is now in Open Beta!  Download it now and create your own freaky farmyard animals!

Planet Explorers is an impressive open world voxel based sandbox adventure RPG set on a distant planet, that allows players to alter the terrain, customize their character, combine and create weapons, vehicles, and buildings and fight massive enemy creatures.

It’s the year 2287, and you and a bunch of other survivors have crash-landed on the planet Maria, an unforgiving land filled with deadly creatures.  Now the survivors must explore, gather, build, create, fight, and ultimately, conquer the land.

Planet Explorers features a single player story line as well as random single and multiplayer adventure maps, with a mission system that features NPCs giving the player goals to achieve to advance the storyline.  It can be played from 3rd and 1st person perspectives, with players will be able to customize their character, create weapons, vehicles, and buildings and battle multitudes of enemies of varying intelligence and defend the remnants of the colonists.

It’s a great looking game with an impressive scope, an interesting Sci-Fi setting, a plenty of crafting options, epic battles and a huge planet for you to explore and ultimately conquer.

Download the Free Alpha Demo or Purchase the Full Alpha through Steam (Win, Mac & Linux)

Critical Mass is fun a top-down voxel-based shooter.  Using an engine made from the ground up for a different game called Ground StateCritical Mass is only a tech demo to see if everything is working out for the main game, but the dev still plans to flesh out Critical Mass more and has been doing regular updates.

The game engine that they’re using is absolutely gorgeous with it’s nice shading and voxel destruction. At the moment the gameplay is basic but very satisfying, with the voxel based destruction a joy to behold, and and excellent music track that really makes you want to blow things up.  

It’s great fun blasting the cubic zombies, firing missiles at hordes of enemies watching their voxel guts get splattered everywhere.  We’d certainly like to see more of Critical Mass, and look forward to seeing what Ground State has to offer.

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